Vladimir Konovkin "Nebulae Music I"

by R.A.I.G. Records



In loving memory of Vladimir Konovkin (1967 – 2018)

“Nebulae Music I” is a digital only, charity publication. It is free to download, yet all money donated will be used to support the artist’s family.


released October 3, 2018

Nebulae are giant clouds of dust and gases (mostly hydrogen and helium) in space. Some nebulae come out by the explosion of dying stars, other nebulae are regions where new stars are beginning to form. The dust and gases in a nebula are very spread out, but gravity can slowly begin to pull together clumps of dust and gas. As these clumps get bigger and bigger, their gravity gets stronger and stronger. Eventually, the clump of dust and gas gets so big that it collapses from its own gravity. The collapse causes the material at the center of the cloud to heat up and this hot core is the beginning of a star. Nebulae exist in the space between the stars, also known as interstellar space.

The idea behind the “Nebulae Music” cycle is to voice the mysterious processes in interstellar space using earthly vintage analogue synthesizers/keyboards. “Impromptu 5.1” was recorded in one take and mixed live, direct to a 4-track recorder at Konovkin's rehearsal studio in Moscow on July 17, 2012, the day after Jon Lord’s passing. No overdubs, with slight editing and mastering later.

Visions, Music, Production, Synthesizes, Keyboards, Recorder – Vladimir Konovkin
Editing, Executive Production – Igor Gorely

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