Mechanik "Velut Stella Splendida"

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sueiiiiiiin thumbnail
sueiiiiiiin Surreal. Every track is a gem! Thank you Karl for surfacing this album on my feed!
kees de jonge
kees de jonge thumbnail
kees de jonge really very good, sounds new and fresh.
jamroom thumbnail
jamroom Stunning album, just stunning! From the motorik beats and vicious riffs of ...Entry Point, through the Wooden Shjips-ish feel of Pills, and the melancholic Russian Doll, to the sprawling spaced out closer of Most People Were Silent. I'm guessing I might not get a chance to see these guys live (unless they hit the UK), but I'll certainly be following them on here, for sure Favorite track: Inner Temple.
Andy Gilham
Andy Gilham thumbnail
Andy Gilham Digging this a lot. Somewhere in the middle of a spectrum between Kraftwerk and Hawkwind (this is a good thing!) Favorite track: Wherever You Are Is The Entry Point.


"Velut Stella Splendida" is the first official full-length album by MECHANIK. It features newly composed tracks ("Wherever You Are Is The Entry Point", "In The Faith That Looks Through Death", "Pills", "Zum Traum", and "Most People Were Silent") and newly recorded versions of the older tracks ("De Tepenecz", "Inner Temple", "Bliss & Gloss", and "Russian Doll") which previously appeared on the band's three EP's of 2012.

"Velut Stella Splendida is the full course meal you’ve been waiting to savor. Space and krautheads alike will fully devour their plate, and even members of those camps that somehow feel the need to be mutually exclusive will end up sitting on each others’ laps, rather just pulling up a seat next to each other." – by Mr. Atavist at "Sunrise Ocean Bender" (USA)

"There’s lots of variety on the album though not so much that Mechanik stray from a sense of cohesiveness. I especially like the tracks where the band create adventurous space rock that is also highly accessible, something I think can be a challenge to do. This will be a strong candidate for my best of 2013 list." – by Jerry Kranitz at "Aural Innovations" (USA)

"Besides the high quality production, the best compliment I can give Velut Stella Splendida, despite the fact that it might sound repetitive for people outside the krautrock circle, is that it managed to keep someone who isn't usually interested in this type of experiences hooked in for the majority of the journey." – by Diego Crescini at "DPRP" (UK)

"Their sound draws from the early space rock explorations of Pink Floyd, but with an even heavier focus on the synthesizer and guitar, which drives the majority of these compositions. Throbbing bass lines are often combined with steady and repetitive drum patterns, as employed in the past by such krautrock pioneers as Can and Neu!." – by Ryan Sparks at "Sea Of Tranquility" (USA)


released September 16, 2013

MECHANIK "Velut Stella Splendida" CD (cardboard folder) can be purchased @ R.A.I.G. web-store ( | $13.00 + shipping

MECHANIK - Klaus, Lete G, Olivares, Yuldj
Live Visuals - Bocho
Recorded - Headroom Studio, Madrid 2013
Artwork - Javier Martinez Zancada
Words - Francois Rabelais, William Wordsworth, Julius Robert Oppenheimer, La Sue

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