Disen Gage "​.​.​.​the reverse may be true"

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"If you're looking for a musical universe where classical influences coexist with elements of progressive rock and the avant-garde all on the same album then you'll definitely want to check the third full length release from one of Russia's most respected and original sounding bands Disen Gage... The Reverse May Be True is further proof of this units consistent artistic brilliance at crafting both adventurous and thought provoking compositions." – by Ryan Sparks at Sea Of Tranquility (USA)

"The Reverse May Be True is probably the most accomplished of the three albums released by Disen Gage thus far... If intelligent, quirky and off-beat instrumental prog hits the right buttons with you, then this album is definitely one to check out before it disappears." – by Mark Hughes at DPRP (UK)

"Lesson number one on how to mix prog rock, fusion jazz, russian folklore and science fiction soundtrack scores and a little bit of easy listening in a wild mixture of avantguarde rock music... It is soundtrack music to a movie not even David Lynch dares to shoot, because it is at the same time pompously boisterous and inflated as well as crazy freaked out outer space weirdness... Disen Gage is actually the bar band playing at the restaurant at the end of the universe every night for the lucky crowd able to get a seat with full frontal view of the apocalypse. And when they hit full 'mamushka' mode the party is bound to get really wild. And when you wake up the next morning, with a memory of the world having turned upside down you might remember a faint echo of what the title of this album really means." – by Georg Gartlgruber at Monochrom-Cracked (Austria)


released December 31, 2008

DISEN GAGE "...the reverse may be true" CD (cardboard folder) can be purchased @ R.A.I.G. web-store (www.raig.ru/cot.asp) | $13.00 + shipping

Composed, arranged, and performed by Sergei Bagin, Evgeny Kudryashov, Konstantin Mochalov, and Nikolai Syrtsev (aka Disen Gage).
No guest appearances - no computers - no other instruments except of drum-kits, electric guitars, and pedal effects.
Recorded at MYM Records Studio.
Mixed and mastered by Alexei Fedorov.
Layout concept and design by ZonderZond.
Executive production by Igor Gorely.

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